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Marble Slab

We are here engaged in the manufacturing of different varieties of Marble Slabs. These concrete materials are available in wider range of colors varying from Nirjharna white, Makrana white, white green to white brown. We source these marble varieties from several mines situated in different corners of the states, which are specialized for mining a certain kind of construction material. Basically, marble blocks arrive at our unit and processed into slabs. These Marble Slabs are finely finished, whether polished, honed, sanded or split faced to meet different slab finish requirements of clients. Customers can select any of the marble in the list given and order the marble slabs in standard or custom size. These do have smooth and comparatively softer texture in comparison to granite materials. In residential and commercial areas, these concrete material products are being used for the construction of walls, flouring, top of the kitchen counter etc.

Features of Marble Slabs:

1) These can be availed in distinct shapes and sizes.
2) Stains can be easily removed from the surface.
3) In different color combinations these can be availed.
4) At most cost effective rates these can be availed.

Green Marble Slab

White and Brown Mix Marble

Nirjerna White Marble Lining (Adenga)

Nirjharna White Marble Slab

Black Marble Slab

Rajsamand Kelwa Tlai Marble

Marble Slabs Tlai White Brown Mix

Makrana Kumari White Marble Slab

Etowah Marble

Etowah Marble is widely popular as the Georgia pink marble, provided with roseand salmon color. This is used for the building of countertops, sinks, stone, fireplaces, stairs, pool coping, sills, monuments, interior, exterior etc. Some use this as anornamental stone as well as paving. Etowah Marble offered by Bajrang Marbleboasts of natural texture, optimum hardness and extraordinary polished. Its rich colormakes it appealing for various dcor projects, whereas it hardness and crack resistance enable it to be recommended by the decorators and architects.The tonality of this special marble remains inalterable, even after extended period of time. It boasts of original natural gloss and radiance, which it retains throughout its functional life.

White Brown Marble Slab

All of our marble slabs have the white color in common, and White Brown Marble Slab is one of them, it is made with a fine grains and high quality of marble to ensure moisture free and corrosion resistance nature. It is readily available in outstanding polishing and various dimensions to acquire the needs of our superior buyers. For several construction purposes, offered White Brown Marble Slab is being used, be it for flooring, walls of bathrooms, kitchens and many more. This get easily and perfectly cut into different shapes and sizes due to its soft surface. 

Properties of White Brown Marble Slab

  •  White Brown Marble Slab comes in different size and shapes.
  •  It has smooth and polished texture.
  • At nominal rates it can be availed.
  • It is easier to clean.

White Brown Marble Slab Specifications:

  • Density : 2711 Kilogram per Cubic Meter
  • Form : Slab
  •  Color : White with Brown Swirls and Veins
  • Thickness : 20-25 mm


Makrana White Marble Slab

Makrana White Marble Slab is well known for its attractive designs and features, like low maintenance, long life and easy to clean without any extra efforts. This slab is easily mounted to make tensile structures, flooring, commercial buildings, monuments, kitchen tiles and other construction applications. In customized shapes and forms offered Makrana White Marble Slab can be availed depending upon the choices of our customers. From kitchen areas, like top of the kitchen counter to in offices and living areas, everywhere offered marble slab is being used. At most cost effective rates finely processed construction product can be availed easily. 

Makrana White Marble Slab Advantages:
  • Its surface is easier to clean.
  • It is sturdily constructed.
  • It is comparatively softer than other construction material.
  • In different customized shapes it can be obtained.
Makrana White Marble Slab Specifications:

  • Surface Finish : Polished Finish
  • Marble Type : Indian Marble
  • Form : Slab
  • Color : White with Grey Veins
  • Thickness : 20 mm
  • Density : 2711 Kilogram per Cubic Met

White Green Marble Slab

In the color combination white and green, here we are offering finely developed White Green Marble Slab with the polished surface. It comes in several thicknesses and widths to fulfill the required demands and preferences of our respected clients. Such grade of marble is mainly utilized for making flawless finishing of staircases, kitchen counter-tops, tensile walls and  flooring purpose, etc. Offered White Green Marble Slab will give an authentic and stylish touch to the area around you, where it is being used. It can be availed in different specifications and various shapes as per the desired requirements. 

White Green Marble Slab Advantages:

1) This slab is available in the polished surface finishing.
2) It has lustrous appearance.
3) It can be cut out into different shapes.
4) At nominal rates it can be availed.
5) It has smooth and polished texture

White Green Marble Slab Specifications:

1) Density : 2711 Kilogram per Cubic Meter
2) Marble Type : Indian Marble
3) Form : Slab
4) Color : White and Grey with Green Shade
5) Thickness : 20-25 mm

White Grey Marble Slab

Fostered with vast market experience, we are distributing an excellent quality of Marble Slab as per the current fashion patterns and designs. It is mainly suitable for flooring purposes as well as making kitchen slabs.  Provided slab is recognized for its abrasion and impact resistance properties. This has the rare color combination which has enhanced the appearance of offered White Grey Marble Slab. Along with the color combination, such concrete construction material does come in different patterns. In various shapes and sizes as per the choices of our clients, offered slab can be availed. 

White Grey Marble Slab Advantages:
  •  It is sturdily constructed.
  • It has the comparatively smoother and softer texture.
  •  It has the unique color combination.
  • In different specifications offered slab can be availed.
  • It has smooth and polished texture

White Grey Marble Slab Specifications:

  •  Density : 2711 Kilogram per Cubic Meter
  •  Form : Slab
  •  Color : White and Grey
  • Thickness : 20 mm

Nirjharna White Marble

Offered Nirjharna White Marble is comparatively softer than granites and other construction materials. This grade of concrete construction material is being used as tiles for the formation of floors, walls etc, in residential and commercial sectors. White is one of such colors, which easily gets stained but when it comes to our offered product, these stains are easier to remove. Apart from its appearance offered Nirjharna White Marble is widely appreciated for its quality amongst our prime clients. This kind of robustly constructed construction material is finely polished and can be availed in various perfectly cut shapes. 

Nirjharna White Marble Advantages:
  • It is robustly constructed.
  • It has the long lasting luster.
  • It has the finely polished surface.
  • In different sizes it can be availed.
Nirjharna White Marble Specifications:

  • Density : 2711 Kilogram per Cubic Meter
  • Form : Slab
  •  Color : White with Little Grey Veins
  • Thickness : 10-15 mm

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