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Granite Slab

Granite slabs are highly demanded by building and construction industry on a wider scale, as such of these stones are usually being used for making table tops, kitchen counter top, flooring, stairs, and several others. In wider range of colors, patterns and design mostly in black granite, from river black, galaxy black to plain black, these concrete materials are available. Basically, granite and marble are dimensional stones, which are distinctive in appearance. Natural stone got processed into slabs and formed offered Granite Slabs and is available in several sizes, depending upon the areas or parts which are subjected to designed. Under budget friendly rates, such grade of concrete slabs can be availed by our esteemed customers. These are often considered under the after construction materials and are comparatively harder then other concrete materials. Depending upon the choice and style one can opt these slabs.

Features of Granite Slabs:

1) In residential and commercial areas, these slabs are being used for construction purposes
2) In different designs and patterns these can be availed
3) These are comparatively stronger than other concrete materials
4) In customized forms these can be availed.

Black Galaxy Granite Slab

While offering the quality to our esteemed clients, we do also take care of the physical attributes of the product we produce. Here we are offering exceptionally made Black Galaxy Granite Slab, which vouches for itself through its appearance. From residential areas to commercial and industrial areas, it is being used everywhere for the construction of fountain walls, stairs, kitchen counter tops and several other parts and areas. Offered Black Galaxy Granite Slab has exactly galaxy like appearance, as it has shining and shimmery dots over the complete black surface. The surface of such grade of slab is easier to clean and it does also have a stain and scratch resistant feature. 

Properties of Black Galaxy Granite Slab:
  •  It has distinctive and appealing appearance in comparison to others.
  • It can be availed in several widths and thicknesses.
  • It is widely used for the construction of floor and building applications.
  • This granite slab is sturdily constructed.
  • Resistive towards various external elements
Black Galaxy Granite Slab Specifications:
  • Density : 2691 Kilogram per Cubic Meter
  • Form : Slab
  • Color : Black with Small Gold or White Flecks
  • Thickness : 15-20 mm

River Black Granite Slab

River Black Granite Slab is made with a top grade of concrete materials in order to enhance its strength and shelve life. This grade of slab can be easily cut and formed in a customized shape depending upon the interest and choice of our prime clients to make it rich and appealing in terms of appearance. Likewise other slabs made up of granites, such  offered River Black Granite Slab also finds its applications in residential and commercial arenas for construction of top of the kitchen counter, fountain walls and various such parts and areas. At most economical rates, available river granite slab can be accessed from us. 

Features of River Black Granite Slab:
  • It has wavy pattern over the surface.
  •  It is also used for the construction of floors.
  • It is also available in different sizes and shapes.
  •  It has scratch and stain resistant surface.
  • Resistive Towards Various External Elements
River Black Granite Slab Specifications:
  • Density : 2691 Kilogram per Cubic Meter
  • Form : Slab
  • Color : White and Black in River Pattern
  • Thickness : 15-20 mm

Black Granite Slab

Widely for on site construction purposes in commercial and residential sectors, offered Black Granite Slab is used on a wider scale. The color '''black'' of this concrete product gives it a distinctive appearance, which makes the part constructed by it, look unique and exceptional. This grade of material is applauded amongst our customers for their highly resistive nature towards water, heat and rust. Any kind of external factor does not create an adverse effect over the surface of this offered Black Granite Slab. In comparison to other construction material slabs, offered concrete slab is extremely easy to clean and maintain.

Black Granite Slab Properties:

1) It is available in different sizes depending upon the requirements of customers.
2) It is resistive towards various external elements.
3) It can be availed at nominal rates.
4) It is available in the polished surface finishing.

Black Granite Slab Specifications:

1) Density : 2691 Kilogram per Cubic Meter
2) Form : Slab
3) Color : Black
4) Thickness : 15-20 mm

Plain Black Granite Slab

In residential and commercial sectors for the construction of several areas, varying from kitchen, living to playing area, offered Plain Black Granite Slab  is being used. As it is already mentioned that such grade of concrete product is used for the construction of bedrooms, office areas, offices to several other public places, therefore, it is available in different range of sizes depending upon the desired requirement or choices of our esteemed clients, which they put forward. This grade of available Plain Black Granite Slab is coated with the smooth surface finishing, which enhances its ductile strength and gives it a better sense of stability. 

Plain Black Granite Slab Advantages:
  • It has he elegant look and stunning finishing.
  •  It is widely appreciated for its high ductile strength.
  • Using offered granite slab gives better stability.
  • In various dimensions such kind of slab can be availed.
  • Resistive Towards Various External Elements
Plain Black Granite Slab Specifications:
  • Thickness : 20-25 mm
  •  Form : Slab
  •  Density : 2691 Kilogram per Cubic Meter
  • Color : Black

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